NIGERIA: Lagos Tries Out Solar-powered Traffic Lights

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In the southwestern Nigerian state of Lagos, the issue of traffic congestion is a daily challenge for the authorities and road customers. This is because of an unstable energy supply. "Sensors or traffic gentle controllers in the area are working on electricity. Within the occasion of a power failure, the sensors swap off and the lights stop working. It is this recurrent scenario that causes traffic jams," says Obafemi Hamzat, the Vice-Governor of Lagos State.

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The fitting out of doors lighting provides beauty and dimension to any commercial solar power street lights property, however what about the areas beyond the buildings? Avenue lights supply a method to combine prolonged areas of public roads, pathways and commercial property, from driveways to walkways and beyond, into a cohesive, appealing complete. Putting in traditional electric avenue lights may be each costly and difficult, and might place an enormous pressure on both a company finances and the local power supply. The answer to all of those problems is to make use of commercial solar avenue lights instead. Enticing and inexpensive, professional-grade solar lights for business and residential functions may be the dependable, self-adequate lighting resolution your company needs to stand out.

- The first thing that happens is the absorption of photo voltaic(solar) vitality by the photo voltaic panel, then the solar energy will probably be transformed into electrons by the solar panel and the electrons can be despatched as charge energy to the battery.
- During the charging of the battery, the cost management system monitors the charging of the battery in order for the battery to not overcharge. This same device controls the amount of energy that will be sent to the inverter for the powering of the LED Lamp.
- As soon as the solar panel stops receiving radiation from the sun, there's a gadget known as "photocell" (for solar road lights that on and off mechanically) that can sense the absence of solar energy and the presence of darkness thereby switching on the LED Lamp when its time.